Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Cup Final

Oooooo! The score was 7 to the french and 8 to us.  As I was watching the last 5 minutes left in the game and the french had the ball it was really close.  I was so pumped up to say go the all blacks as I was on the edge of the seat at the hospital for my casein. At the end of the game the all blacks won the game and the doctors  came to watch the game as well.

Problem Solving

This morning we got a team challenge my partners for this team challenge was Vaha and Lepa.  We got items on a green card and a problem on a yellow card.  Our items was a rock, spade can opener, light and a pair of glasses.  The problem we had was that we had a leak in the tent and we had to stop it.

Our way to solve it was a fail because it just made it worst.  We said that we would to put the lens from the glasses and used some of the string of the tent and made two more heads to put the string in but it made worst because it made two more holes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Last Few Weeks Or So

Have you been in a production?  I have in a mater of fact I'm in a production today on October the fourth.  The last days of the term came fast.  I think the last week is going to be fun.All the things we do now that miss is bissy is free time on our net book.

The last week of school the people that wernt in the production had been moved all over the place so it has been a bit of a disappointing for them.  The way I felt about this week is that I have really enjoyed my have a good week.

This week was the best week of school for me so far and I thank my teacher for giving this week to us.