Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Smoke!!!

Smoking is responsible for lots diseases like cancer, long-term (chronic) respiratory diseases, and heart disease and also premature death.  Over 4500 people in new zealand.  People die because of smoking each year and it is the leading cause of preventable deaths.  The World Health Organisation says that around 9% of deaths worldwide are caused by smoking. The chemicals in the tobacco can cause cancer like heart disease or lung cancer.

Teenagers smoke because every one is doing it or just to be cool. This is a really bad thing to do when you're young because your body isn't fully developed. Once you start it’s really hard to stop. Smoking can really affect your health or even your life when you get older.

The government only allows tobacco because it get % out of every packet of smokes that are purchased.  The reason why is to pay for the healthcare that will be needed by smokers when they get sick.

Teenage smoking isn't right. It can harm your health when you're older.  SO DON’T SMOKE!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Valerie Adams by Tupac,Kobe and Kaiden

Valerie tried to defend her gold medal but she just could not surpass her opponent Nadzeya Ostapchuk and she came in second place taking home the silver . Trying to hide her tears as she walked to the podium her sadness and disappointment showed through.  At the end of the day she lost by 0.64m.  It was emotional night as she lost the a gold medal but we're still proud of her .

Monday, August 6, 2012


On thursday room 20 got ready to go to basketball to learn the rules and skills. We learnt how to fake pass that’s when you pretend to pass to a person then pass to another person.   The first thing we learnt was how to pivot it was easy for me.  It was easy because I’m in the school basketball team.

We played a game named teleport it was cool until the coach was started to help the other team.  But of course he had to because they were no match for our team.  I was in the red team with my classmates.  The game was sort of like netball you had to get ten or more passes before the other team intercepts the pass.

 I think the hardest skill to do was when you had to make the ball go around our body.   It was difficult because I couldn't hold the ball in one hand well it was going around my body.    But the rest of the skills were easy.  It was a little bit difficult to to dribble with my left hand.  At the end of the day I didn't want to go back to class because it was so fun.