Friday, November 16, 2012

At The Beach

The sky was blue with no clouds in sight and a great day for kayaking.  A man named Yummyhachi pushed his kayaking into the glassy sea water.  He felt good so he went further from the shore until the people on the beach looked like ants.  The bad thing was that he was out of sight of people.

All of a sudden he saw in the corner of his eyes a big black shadow go underneath him.  Yummyhachi thought to himself he was a goner so he tried to paddle as fast as he could but the shadow caught up.  He got worried and called for help the beast attempted to knock him out of the kayak.  His heart started to race his hands started to shake and he felt a cold shiver up his spine.  

Then he started to pray that this was going to lose his interest and leave him alone. The beast swam at him again and showed it self it was a dolphin he was relieved and jumped into the water to play with the dolphin and the dolphin was pretty good.  He taught it a few tricks and started to call it tom after his playful pet he use to have.

it got dark and he realized it was time to go and he forgot about his kayak it had floated out to sea well he was playing with his new friend.  He got the dolphins attention and pointed to the kayak.  The dolphin made this a weird nose and the boat got pushed to him. He noticed that the as the boat got closer that it was getting pushed to him by more dolphins.

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