Monday, March 26, 2012

Ben Carson

Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan.  His mum Sonya dropped 3 grade and got marred 13. When Ben was 8 years old his parents divorced and his dad left his mum to raise them up by her self.

Her mum had to work as a mad 2 times or 3 a day to provide her family with food and cloths. He and his big brother wasn't doing so good at school he was at the bottom.  Also he got angry really fast because he was really stressed.

Then when she was at this rich persons house she realize that thay had lots of books and thay didn't watch t v that often. Then she wanted to turn there lives around by limited t v and not aloud to go out side until thay finish there thay had to read and do a book report on 2 books a week.  Also thay had to hand in a written report to there mother.

One time when the teacher bang in a rock and asked the class what the rock was named. No one but there hand up so he but his hand up and said the right name. He astonished his class mates with his new knowledge.

Soon he was the smartest in his class and wanted to be a medic and then was a neurosurgent and became Inspirational to doctors.

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  1. It was great to hear that you guys got to go see Ben Carson.
    After we had hired the movie Gifted Hands during the holidays.
    Hope you were inspired to follow your dreams from this man and his life and the success he worked so hard for.