Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazing race

"Fling" as the paper ball went flying, it landed near the bucket. This was part of our first activity where we had make a slingshot to shoot paper balls at targets.  It was really hard to hit the target because when we shot the paper ball the wind blew it.  "Man, this is so annoying," I moaned to my friend Lepa. Amazing at the end we managed to score a whopping 160.

The next challenge we had, was to go around our community to find clues.  The first place we had to go to was was the bakery where we got an egg.  At the pools we got a piece of wood. We also had to go to the Point England reserve  
to get a big tin can and a plastic bag filled with firewood from the beach. On our way back I said to my crew," Why don't we have a rest stop to feed the horses."  Finally we ended up at the office to get a box of matches.

Once we had found all of the clues we went back to the finish line. With annoyance we found out that we were disqualified because we delayed too long.  We came late because we fed the horses. We put it all together anyway and it made a hobo stove. With the hobo stove we had to cook an egg but unfortunately we didn't have enough time, and Stevie dropped the egg anyway. 

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  1. Hey Kaiden. good to hear you had sum late fun at camp lol. Im enjoying reading your work tonight.

    Love You