Thursday, June 16, 2011

Science Road Show

On the 9 of June room 22 walked to Tamaki college because of a science road show so we have more information on creativity and more ideas for our topic bigger better faster stronger and for our design on signs. We were split in to groups of 4 so we don’t get lost. It was an incredible sight.

One of the shows experiments was about senses. The senses that they experimented with were hearing,smelling,seeking,feeling and tasting. The sense I like the most was the looking and hearing. What sense do you like out of hearing, smelling, seeking, feeling or tasting?

The best bit of the science show was the inventions because we got to try them out. I really like the Braille invention because it gave me an idea of how hard it is to read with our fingers. There were really cool ones like a huge piano that you can play with you feet and fruit perfume that really smells like fruit.

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  1. Hi Kaiden that sounds so interesting. In hope we get to go next year when we are in the Intermediate. But at the end it says can play with you feet it's should be your feet. Great work keep it up.