Monday, July 23, 2012

Brown Brother

Joshua Iosefo is a Samoan and Nuiean who wrote a poem named Brown Brother.  He had to do a speech.  His speech got posted on youtube then on to Campbell Live.  In this speech it talks about how people think we're all the same.

Joshua's message is that we should not have to listen stereotypes and not to limit yourself.  His poem touched heaps of people like Maoris and Samoans.  He explains how brown people work as fast food burger making,box-packing, rubbish truck drivers, taxi drivers and sober drivers and more also but that we don't need to just be those kind of people.

Joshua's poem had lots of assonance and similes like sugar or the crust, the grain or the nut.  He also uses the word brown brother a lot of times but its a poem. My overall feeling about his poem is that I could probably be the first Maori Lawyer I know.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Precious Mckenzie

With great power the weight lifter holds the weight under his chest and ready to attempt to do his final move. He is half way and already he’s struggling, sweating but focused on what he has to do.  Finally he lifts it with success and gets to move on to the next round.