Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iosefo 2

First we watch this boy say this inspirational speech then all of sudden hes at our school saying it in front of us.  His name is Joshua Iosefo and his speech is very inspiring and I recommend yous to listen to it.  It could help you in many ways like enjoy writing more or believe yourself more.

After he said his speech we got to ask questions.  I could only remember him saying that his granddad inspired him, saying how his granddad migrated to New Zealand.  Joshua Iosefo also said that he wanted to be a movie director, directing movies based on real stories.

Then he started to talk to us and say like it was up to us to change the stereotype.  Like instead of people thinking that we're dumb prove that we can be really smart if we push our self.  Also to believe in yourself and not to listen to people telling us were dumb just because were Maori or Pacific.  His speech was very helpful to me in many way’s because I’m starting to enjoy writing.

This story was written in my own time.  I could of been playing games but I decided to write about what happened today.  Joshua changed how I think about writing.

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  1. Kaiden - I love this piece of writing, its not long, but then it doesn't need to be, its very powerful. I will share it with my class of students in Hamilton tomorrow, some of them may or may not be familiar with Joshua's speech, we will find that tomorrow and have a look. I have to say Kaiden you finish your piece of writing with an amazing 'hook' that last paragraph is great, really brilliant ending.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.