Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iosefo

Today was a special day today because Joshua Iosefo came to Pt England.  It was special because Joshua wrote a poem Brown Brother that was really inspiring, so inspiring that it got onto Campbell live. At the end of his speech we got to ask questions.  From the answers I learnt that our generation can change our stereotypes.  Instead of being known as one of the dumbest cultures we could be one of the smartest cultures.

His inspiration was his grandparents especially his Grandad who he said he migrated to New Zealand in the 1950's with 6 shillings and a plastic bag.  

Also Joshua wanted to be a director, directing movies based on real stories. This was inspiring because there are not that many Samoans who make movies.  There were lots more questions and answers.  I think I learnt a valuable lesson today to not believe the stereotypes but to go hard at your school work and to follow your dreams.

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