Friday, September 21, 2012

Cross Country

My heart beating, my adrenaline starts pumping and my mind is stuck in the the game as I prepare for the race.  Suddenly Mr Burt claps two pieces of wood and we start running like a wild pack of wolves. I begin at the back but start to catch up as people slow down.  Then all of a sudden I start to sink into the ground.  The mud is so muddy that it sucked one of my shoes off my foot like an ant stuck in honey.  I put it on as fast as lightning and carried on.  I was finally past the field and on to the bush track.  

This was the second part of the cross country and I start to slow down but didn't stop running .  I had the stitch but  luckily it went away.  On the way through the bush I meet the enemy the puddle but it wasn't going to get in the way so I ran through it like it was dry ground. After a while I came across some people in a previous race. I thought to myself I must be doing well. Suddenly I heard a thump, Jephte had just slipped on the bridge.  I looked back but he was alright.

Finally I got to the last bit “Yes” I said but sadly got told to go around the reserve again and I was like “WHAT!!!?”.  So I ran around it I was coming in third place when I saw Miracle catching up so I took of my shoes and started to pick up my pace to the finish.  Without any effort I got to the end and everyone was cheering. I got in the top three and got some points for Tainui.

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