Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Night Ever

This was the night were all the fun stuff happens.  It was the year 7 and 8’s social and I was ready to go.  I was so excited to see what my friends look like.  

I was in the car ready to go to the best social i would ever go to in my life.  Finally I was there and the first people I see are Matthew T,Mathew R and Kayde.  But i thought I looked better.... jokes we all look good. The doors opened and we all rushed in like a animal stamped.  

“What there’s not that much people here” I said .  But there was hardly anyone there and it was boring then all of a sudden more and more people came and the fun started.  The time flew bye as I was having fun dancing with my friend.

The first comp was a doggie comp nez took that out.  Then we had two more comps azonto and gangnam. I didn't win any but i still had fun.  

Then we had the meanest feed fizzy and sausage sizzle.  I wasn't really hungry because I felt sick but not sick enough to stop dancing.  Then we started a conga line it was really fun.  

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