Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rugby League Session

On Wednesday 22 of June Room 22 had our very first league session with a person apart of the Vodafone Warriors squad (Sio Siua Takeiaho).

I really like the relays. The first thing we did was relays we had to step the cones and sprint back then the other person would go. The reason why I like it was because we got tied at the end and the last team that comes last had to do 5 pries ups. But our team mostly came last. I didn't like it but that's that.

he session we did was fun because we had a cool game curd kicking tennis.The rules were you weren't aloud to drop the ball and if the ball touches the ball the ground closes to you your out.We had three games because it was so fun, then the session came to an end.Now I cant wait tell next time we have the session.

My over all feeling of the session was that we had fun. What sport do like?

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