Monday, May 16, 2011


Room 22 have been learning some netball skills like drills and stretches. We have been doing it at the junior court. While we were waiting for the instructor Emmas, we got ready by sitting down on the grass.

The first thing we did was dynamic stretches. The first stretch was high knees, that’s when you jog and make your knees go as high as you can. The second stretch was butt flicks and but flicks is kicking your butt with your own feet.our last stretch was the grape vine, that’s the hardest stretch we did. Can you imagine how hard it is?

The thing I really liked was corner ball. Corner ball is like net ball but you need to pass it to the person in the corner to get a goal.The key to win this game is to spread out. The reason why you need to spread out is because everyone mostly is in one place.

If you have another stretch you know, can you share with me in my comments?

This is one of the photos that our teacher took.

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