Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Year 7 And 8 Fun Day

Have you have a fun day at your school? Our year seven and eights did. After morning tea we got changed in to our P E cloths and started to walk to the bottom field ,and at the bottom field we saw room 19,20 and 21 getting ready. The teachers were in charge of the games. Most of us were excited.

We started with our teachers game. The game she was doing was when you have to flick the ball in to a hope with a fling shot It was really hard only two people got it in Miss T and Ben. Then we went to another game with Mr Harris. His game was interesting it was like walking with an egg and 3 leg race mixed together. Lepa and me got in to a final race but we didn't get a final race.

Splash! the next game was a wet game it was a game of up and under and instead of over it was side wards. The rules were you had to but the sponge in the water so it soaks up the water and pass it under your legs and side ways. At the end there was a bucket when the last person gets it he squeezes it our team won first and the blue team won the next round.

The last game was with Miss Langitopo it was really fun. It was like tag and net ball but combined together it was really, really, really fun. This time our team won all of a single game. I think this was my favorite game out of all the games that day. Then we ended the day with a water fight.

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