Friday, June 1, 2012

Kiwi Kick

When I first went to kiwi kick a gush of wind came and nearly blow me over while I was trying to sit down.  It was cold and my goose bumps started to show.   Also the coaches mike and Anita were so cold that they were shivering and had red noses.

We got to learn some skills like a hand pass, drop punt and chest mark.  The skill that I liked was the drop punt.  You must be wondering what a drop punt is, a drop punt is when you but the lace away from faces the x’s on the sides straight up and down. The next part in doing a drop punt is to imagine that you have mud on your shoe, drop the ball and flick the imaginary mud off your shoe. Then that would make you kick straight.

In one activity I teamed up with Lepa.  We had to practice our hand passing to each other We started to have fun and started to catch the ball with one hand and hand pass really far. It was fun because we got to challenge ourselves to hand pass as far as we could.

At the end of the day we got to play a game we played a little game names octopus.  But instead of tagging them we had to hit them softly with a kiwi kick ball,the hard part was that you had to hand pass the ball to get them out.  I didn't really knew how to play so I got in first but that was ok because I wanted to be in any way.  In the end we managed to get everyone in.

The overall feeling about kiwi kick is that I would want to do this more often at school.

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